Bank Financing

If you are looking to get a loan for your business, it is always important to be as prepared as possible. If a lender believes you seem unprepared when requesting a loan, they will automatically label you as a high risk. With the assistance of TaxCPA1, we will create a proposal that specifically targets what they want to see.

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What We Do

Create an Executive Summary

This summary will outline the purpose of the loan and the amount of money required in a straightforward manner.

Provide Pro-forma Cash Budgets and Financial Statements

By using your data, we develop a collection of information that puts you in a positive light, increasing your chances of getting the loan you need.

Create Tax Return Copies

After looking at your last three personal tax returns, we will create copies for the bank and outline what is being pledged as security.


Our work goes beyond preparation. We will be there in person, providing evidence for your current position.

Benefits of Seeing a CPA for Bank Financing

When you need a loan, it is best to have someone by your side who has a lot of experience. Benefits of going to a CPA include:  

  • A loan proposal created from the perspective of a lender
  • Greater preparation
  • Greater success rate

Looking for Help with Bank Financing?

We want to see you succeed, so we will do everything we can to prepare a winning loan proposal that can help you grow your business. If you are looking for assistance, we are the ones you can turn to for the best services. Contact us today to talk to one of our financial experts.