How to Claim Unemployment in Florida

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Losing your job sets your finances back significantly. Fortunately, with the help of your tax accountant in Weston, you can maintain your finances by applying for unemployment compensation. This benefit replaces your lost income until another employer hires you for work. 

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How to Determine if You’re Qualified for Reemployment Assistance

Anyone that has been fired from work due to circumstances beyond their control automatically qualifies for financial assistance. These reasons include poor job performance or judgment lapses that negatively affected their former employer. 

Employees who quit their job may be eligible for assistance if they prove that their resignation was necessary. Acceptable reasons include health issues and changes of residence due to a military spouse receiving a new assignment. Lastly, employees forced to go on unpaid leave can also apply to receive unemployment payments. 

On the other hand, quitting for personal reasons like office conflict will disqualify you for reemployment assistance. The state will also deny your application if your termination was because of employee misconduct.  

Where Can You Apply for Unemployment Benefits?

To apply for unemployment benefits in Florida, you must first create an account at the CONNECT website. You can file your employment claim on the platform together with the following information: 

  • Employment history with a recent employer 
  • Gross earnings report before income taxes 
  • Information to support the cause of termination 
  • Federal Employer Identification Number or a payslip with employer details 
  • Personal data, including address and contact number 
  • Social Security number, driver’s license, and State ID number 

Federal employees in Florida, foreigners with valid work permits, military personnel and Union members can also apply for the program. They just need to prepare the following documents: 

  • Alien registration number and valid work permit for foreigners 
  • DD-214 service record for military personnel 
  • SF-8 or SF-50 unemployment claim forms for federal workers 
  • Union name, hall number, and contact info for Union members 

What Other Actions to Take After Receiving Unemployment Payout 

After you enroll on the program, you must also sign up for Employ Florida, where you can find job opportunities. Make sure to record details whenever a potential employer contacts you. You should also keep track of your weekly reimbursement under the reemployment assistance. 

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