The Differences Between Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion

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An accounting service for a small business in Weston is crucial to helping entrepreneurs get their taxes in order. For instance, as a proprietor, expert accountants can help you understand the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance. 

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What Is Tax Avoidance? 

Tax avoidance refers to methods in which an individual or a business attempts to lower the taxes they owe the Internal Revenue Service every year. Tax avoidance is one of the factors responsible for the complexity of the United States Tax Code, as the concept is written into the law itself. 

Is Tax Avoidance Legal?  

Tax avoidance is legal because the taxpayer is leveraging opportunities provided by law to reduce their payments to the IRS. These deductions incentivize paying taxes, encourage people to declare their income, and spur investments. 

What Deductions Can You Claim From Your Taxes Each Year? 

You have plenty of tax deductions to claim if you know what to look for. These include: 

  • Capital expenses

The IRS accepts the following startup costs as deductible: research and development, patent expenses, interest paid on real estate, travel expenses, meals, etc.  

  • Home office costs

Basing your business at home makes you eligible for several cuts. You can, for example, take off a certain amount per square foot of space you use as an office from your annual taxes. You can also claim discounts based on your upkeep expenses, including mortgage payments. 

  • Furniture and office supplies 

  • Asset depreciation 

  • Utility expenses 

As a business owner, you must document all your expenses, so it’s just a matter of vetting through with your accountant when it’s time to file taxes. 

What Is Tax Evasion? 

Tax evasion is simply avoiding taxes by dishonest means. The main form of tax evasion is to declare incorrect revenues. Another method of tax evasion is to channel money to offshore accounts where they are, theoretically, immune from United States law. The law considers the act a crime and defines specific penalties for violators. 

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You Need an Accounting Service for a Small Business in Weston 

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