QuickBooks Setup

QuickBooks, an accounting software meant for small and medium-sized businesses, is meant to be easily understood without specialized knowledge. However, the initial set up need to be done correctly. TaxCPA1 is here to put you on the right path.

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Making the Switch to QuickBooks

Initial setup with QuickBooks can be a little confusing. There is a lot of required information that you may or may not understand. This can be even more difficult for a business switching from completely manual accounting. We are here to assure you that when you come to us, we will handle the process in a smooth and efficient manner.

The cost will fully depend on the current state of your business, but we always strive to quote an affordable price.  

What We Do

We are here to assist with the QuickBooks set-up process every step of the way. Here is what we can do for your business:

  • Study your accounting needs
  • Software installation
  • Set up chart of accounts, payroll, inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and more
  • Prepare everything for your starting date, including entering your outstanding checks and ending statement bank balances
  • Paying bills online, and handling all of your banking
  • Create a list of items you sell
  • Compare the starting date trial balance to that of your previous system
  • Enter your transactions from the start date
  • Provide training for proper use of the software

Keeping You on the Right Track

After everything is properly set up, we continue to stay involved. We provide follow-up training to make sure your use of QuickBooks continues to go smoothly. Reviews are also completed monthly, quarterly, or annually for tax preparation purposes.

Looking to Get Started with QuickBooks?

If you are interested in using QuickBooks for your business, TaxCPA1 is here to help you with the complete set-up process.  Contact us today to talk to one of our financial experts.